How to Influence Management to Buy-in your plan

Dawn Lepore ex – CEO of rightly said :

Don’temotionally blackmail” your boss. Telling your boss that if he or she cuts your budget you can’t guarantee system uptime is a surefire way to land in the dog house. “How you deal with senior management at the company is going to be part of how you’re judged as a business leader.”

So how do you influence senior management to Buy-in your decisions?

1.Assist to Re frame the problem : Explain the problem and assist them to think over it a couple of times and raise a sense of urgency to respond on the solution.

2.Rational/Logical Persuasion : Allow them to make evidence-based decisions – by providing Business model canvas, Value proposition, Project selection process, ROI, Finance forecasting, Educating with Risks/Issues/Assumptions/Constraints.

3.Inspire them to challenge the status quo – People tend to choose the status quo over change, to stay in their comfort zone. Help them understand the benefits of change rather than opposing the same.

4.Inspirational Appeal – Inspiration is most often used by your stereotypical transformational leader in a downward fashion to influence high performance in a team. The leader effectively links the desired activity or outcome to a set of values and ideals that is honored by the group. This appeals to emotions, a primary driver of motivation. An example is when an incoming leader communicates their vision for future success

5.Consultation – a fancy word for advice-seeking, you use consultation when you know what you want to do, but request input on how to do it. Consultation works because when someone provides input, they become more committed to the initiative.

6.Collaboration – when you think of collaboration you probably don’t consider it an influence tactic at first, but you can think of collaboration as the inverse of consultation; rather than seeking advice, you offer assistance.

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