How to become an Awesome Public Speaker ?


Public Speaking is a medium in which,you can change someone’s life or career in 30 – 60 minutes! Inspire the audience and have the ability to change the world for better !! This vision motivates most of us to engulf in the fire of “Public Speaking” !

Here are the 3 important points to consider next time you speak in public!

1.Prepare : Research and organize your speech – Inform, Persuade, Entertain and Inspire! Tell stories, from ages our ancestors have been telling us stories over and over again to teach us moral values, life lessons etc. There is a reason to it, story telling releases a hormone in humans called oxytocin, which keeps the audience connected to the speaker. I still remember the honesty and integrity stories my mother and grandma told me when i was 5yrs old, I still use them as a lighthouse in my journey! Just imagine if they leave a 5yrs old with meager facts! would have that ever made sense at that age and even now? This is how it should be while educating our audience. Leave them with a message, which they can implement easily and immediately! Support your message with Statistics, Visual Aid like video’s charts, props etc.A thorough preparation will also reduce your nervousness.

2.Connect with the Audience : Add humor, tell something unique which they want to hear! I once was in a conference of Christine Comaford, she had given the audience worksheets and was interactive, taking breaks in her speech and encouraging the audience to fill it in. On the other hand, David Meerman Scott, clicked a selfie with the audience and tweeted real time, just  to support the fact of marketing real time! Create a power point, just enough to capture audience attention towards the screen and reflecting what you speak. Do NOT read it. Leave your twitter details on every slide, so that they can connect with you even after you leave the event. Make eye contact with your audience, have you ever conversed with someone who did not look at you directly? how does it feel ? Your body language should look natural, don’t start the speech at the center of the stage, you should start the eye contact and speech as soon as you enter the stage.

3.Physical appearance and Nervousness : The vision and mission you have to make impact in the world and change the world for better lets you  deliver the speech without/minimum anxiety! Remind yourself that, you own the space! and take a deep breath! Do NOT sway side by side, that shows the nervousness in you and makes the audience feel restless and gives them a chance to Tweet :)! Your voice should add meaning to the words you speak, adding varieties in the volume, pitch, number  of words per minute and should exuberate confidence!


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